Day 90 Review

It was a wonderful day. The weather was great.

I started my "All fruit Sunday" six weeks ago on a whim. I felt I was not eating enough fruit nor a wide enough variety. I figured, if I ate only fruit one day a week it would force me to include more fruit in my general diet. I think I succeeded.

I weighed in at 88kg this morning. I'm down 39kg and just two more weigh-ins to see if I can reach my goal of losing 42kg in 3 months. I am familiar with my current rate of weight loss, the trend, and cycles - it appears I will be short of my goal. I won't let that stop me from continuing to try.

It has been a great experience. I will continue to eat well but look forward to not exercising every day. In 3 months I never once took a day off and averaged just over 2 hours a day. Exercising has become a huge chore which I now dread. Just one more day.

I wrote this post just before I went for my evening walk. I finished my 1.5 hour walk and rested on a park bench just before I came home. I heard laughter from a couple. The lighting was poor. The couple was playing catch ball. The guy was fat. It was not that I noticed at first. I noticed he threw with his left hand which is unusual in Japan. His pitch was very "girl like" (sorry) but he also caught with his left hand and made some amazing catches. Next, they started to bat. He had the most awkward left hand hit. But, he connected every time and the ball went clear thought the little park. The ball landed close to me and I kept quiet. He was looking for thel ball and I noticed his right arm was gimp.

I now see "diet lessons" everywhere. Buddy is a big man. His throwing arm is a bit embarrassing but his catching and his hitting is amazing. He adapted. You want to pick a diet....pick a diet that matches your personality and ability.

Good Night.

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