Day 2 Round 3 Calories

Once again I did not count my calories and over ate but on the good side all my choices of food were good - just way too much.

I have been home alone with my son for the last 4 days and I love every minute of it and Cherish the opportunity.

It plays havoc on my ability to focus on keeping the volume of food down. I know it is not an excuse just a hurdle.

In the future, I will have an appreciation for some of the difficulties a dieting stay-at-home-mom faces day in and day out.


  1. It is great to enjoy our time with our kids. So many of us just let life slip right on by. However, I also understand the dieting struggles a stay-at-home mom must face, for I face the same thing every weekend.

  2. Steve, When my wife went back to work I started to take on more responsibilites. It was the greatest thing to happen.

    Thanks for commenting,