Day 7 Round 3 - Review

I have been diligent but can't seem to fully commit myself. I put 3 eggs in my omelet when 1 one would have been sufficient. Eating sushi for lunch was good but it would have been better if I ate only the meat and discarded the rice. I had a huge bowl of miso vegetable soup for dinner- which was good. Though full, I still needlessly had a helping of yogurt and bananas before bed. I need to focus on these little things.

I should note. I try hard to eliminate all rice, bread and potatoes. This is not part of the Okinawa diet - it is my thing. I find starchy simple carbs makes my heart race. It is more pronounced when I limit my calories. Further, when reducing my caloric intake I feel it is important to focus on the "best" calories from a wide number of sources. Rice is empty calories.

Please note I am neither a doctor nor dietitian.

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