Reflections on my Wrong Turn

As a result of a series of mistakes I gained 24kg in 2 months. That is an average of o.4kg (0.88lbs) a day. This is after losing 0.44kg a day for previous 90 days and 0.22 kg a day over the previous 9.5 months combined.

Clearly, I failed on my attempt to maintain a sane life while "on the road". I am not worried about losing the weight again. I can do it.

I worry, that away from my home and routine, I can't keep it together. I need to figure this out and thus born my new Reflections label.

Well my son is not happy and it's time to take him to daycare.


  1. There is nothing that throws cold water on your life quite like this. The thing is, you learned a tough lesson here. Either you have to become stronger, or you have to come up with a better plan for the next time you are on the road.

    As you said, you can lose it again. Given your history, that is a given. You just don't want to subject yourself to a constant yo-yo in your weight. I have not doubt in my mind you will figure out what it takes. You determination is a real force to be dealt with.

  2. Yes! You have to come up with a new plan for the next time your routine will be interrupted. It's hard, but I know you'll be able to figure out what you need to do.

  3. Steve and TJ, thank you for you comments. You are both correct...I need to figure this thing out.

    1) what went wrong,
    2) how to fix it
    3) learn how not to repeat my mistake(s)