Round 2 Reveiw

I started round 2 and was doing okay for five days then drifted and "woke-up" ten days later at the same weight I started round 2.

While I lost this round - it is not that bad. Round 3 starts where I started Round 2 - 111kg. Most important - I am back.

My 2 goals for round 2 were; figure out where I went wrong and how I was able to gain 24 kg in two months and second, lose 26 kg in the next 3 months.

Round 3, I am not going to try and figure out where I went wrong. I am just going to do, what I already know how to do - follow the Okinawa diet and lose 26 kg in 3 months.

Figuring out where I went wrong, had a weird influence on my diet. I can't articulate it.

It is hard for me to do a positive (lose weight) and do a negative (focus on how I messed up) at the same time. My personality is not wired for it.

It does not mean I don't want to know how I messed up - I do. I just think this is not a prudent time to focus on that mistake. When I lose the next 26 kg I will try and figure how to maintain my weight. Then, and only then, will I try and figure out where I made my mistake(s).

I remember something an old coach told me - KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Thank you to all the people who read my blog. I know it has a positive impact on my goals.



  1. When you look at this journey as a Point A to Point B one, I think it can be easier to accomplish your goal but more difficult to maintain your achievement. I don't even refer to what I'm doing as a diet; I'm just trying to find a lifestyle that I can live with.

    Good luck.

  2. Mr. Jack, that is good council. I sometimes forget - it really is a journey.
    Thank you

  3. I found these tips on prevention of weight regain in a journal called Clinical Diabetes (in 2008). They are evidence-based, not anecdotal. Just thought I'd share.

    1) Maintain high levels of physical activity.
    2) Consider at least 60 minutes daily of moderate activity. Ouch!
    3) Limit television to less that a few hours a day.
    4) Eat a diet low in fat and calories. [I disagree with the accross-the-board low-fat recommendation.]
    5) Maintain a consistent eating pattern throughout the week and year. Successful losers often report less variety, compared to other people, in all food groups except for fruits.
    6) Eat breakfast routinely.
    7) Control emotional eating.
    8) Weigh frequently, whether daily or weekly.
    Catch and address weight regain early, before it gets out of hand.
    9) Consider sequential medications. E.g., sibutramine for months, then orlistat for months.
    10) Individual and/or group follow-up support. Even follow-up by phone works.
    11) Have realistic expectations. Most dieters only lose about half the weight they expected in the first place. The resulting sense of disappointment sabotages efforts to keep the weight off. Anticipate the universal tendency to regain lost weight.
    12) Helpful diet patterns: eat more than five servings a day of fruits and vegetables, watch portion sizes, self-record food intake, plan meals, limit fast food.
    13) “Exercise is central to weight loss maintenance.”


  4. Doctor, thank you very much for taking the time to post your useful comments.