Day 18 Round 3 Review

It was a good day. I accomplished all my goals. I noticed my walking pace has increased without really thinking about it. While I am overweight (still medically obese) I am fortunate my fitness is fairly good. I walked with a skinny friend yesterday and he could not keep up. I destroyed him.

People who diet for the sake of their health only - are probably the most sane. I started my diet in order to look good and to stop people from making (intentional & unintentional) comments about my size. I admit these are shallow reasons but would argue they are valid.

My reasons for continuing my battle are changing. Slowly, health is becoming more important than ego.


  1. I happen to believe that once you get past the vain part of weight loss and focus on the health, the purpose becomes more solid. With that being said, I also believe that the emotion of wanting to look good can be more powerful to get started, which is sometimes what we need.

  2. People who are "fat but fit" have better health outcomes than those who are fat but out-of-shape.


  3. South Beach Steve, my personal experience seems to support your conclusions.

    Dr. Steve, I suspect I am one of those "fat but (relatively) fit" people. For this I am extremely thankful. I wrote before that I am also thankful that I am healthy inspite of being obese.

    I have fewer hurdles dieting than others.

    Have a nice day