Day 26 Round 3 Weight 106 kg

I wrote in my daily review, the battle is now in my head. This reminds me of the first 20kg I lost prior to losing the next 40kg. It took me a painful 6 months to lose 20kg. I struggled, failed got back up again. Failed, struggled and drifted. Then I lost 40kg in 3 months.

I know those 3 months were difficult but they did not "seem" difficult. It is a matter of perception. If we perceive our diet to be easy it becomes easy.

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  1. Hey man,

    I sure hope you keep at it. Like you I have been up and down in weight several times and I really know how hard it can be when the scale just will not budge.

    When I started reading your blog ,you were on your 40 kg loss in 3 months streak. The way you handled weightloss reminded me of how I lost around 35 kg in about the same amount of time around 10 yrs ago when I got fat for the first time. The way I did it was by working out like crazy, two to three times a day for a an hour per session and eat like a miniature rabbit.

    It worked, I got the weight off. Though.. When I was at my goal weight I started living "normally" again. I didnt eat that much more and still worked out a little, but surely and steadily the pounds packed on again until about half a year later i had regained everything I had lost previously.. a year later it was "and then some".

    Since then I've been struggling several times to get the weight off, always partially successful and always gaining back the weight.
    My personal opinion is that i cut the weight to fast and in too extreme fashion. By eating too little I ruined my metabolism and could only maintain weight by eternally keeping my food intake extremely low and the exercise very high. Of course I wasnt able to maintain this at all times.

    A year ago, I started my most recent weightloss journey and this time I made sure
    I adopted a lifestyle I could maintain forever and still lose weight at the same time. By that time I had blown up to around
    135 kgs my all time high (I am 1m89cm).
    I started working out moderately but daily
    and the first two weeks I counted calories to
    make sure that every single day my consumed calories would reach around 1600 and never let them go over 1800.

    My workout developed from 100 crunches and leglifts a session to a 1000 a session. This isnt the most effective way to lose weight but at least I got toned a little better.

    3 months in I started swimming, I started with 40 minutes every morning and reached around 1.5 kliometers in that time, now I swim daily for an hour and reach around 3 kilometers in an hour.

    My weight has steadilly dropped.. slowly but steadilly.. surely I've had days or even up to a week that the scale wouldnt budge at all, but in general i've been losing weight.

    Now a year later, still working out only one hour a day and doing nothing but making sure i eat regularly and not too much. (after actually counting calories for two weeks i switched to guesstimation and i'm pretty good at it).

    For me personally, this feels like something i can incorporate and keep in my life for forever. Personally I think that was the key
    to this. I lost 45 kilos already and I feel as strong and fit as I felt when I was still an athlete at the end of my highschool days.

    I really really hope you will persevere and find a way of life that will allow you to maintain a good weight and a great physical condition.

    For me the only thing it took aside a little persperation and moderation was the self knowledge to figure out what for you personally can be done for forever as opposed to doing what is needed to cut weight and then not maintain it.

    Do expect the scale not to budge as quickly as it used to when doing things in moderation. It's very hard to not see the weight go down for several days or longer . I never weighed daily or even weekly, I cannot deal with the weight fixation. Keeping an eye on the fit of my clothes and how fit I feel works better for me personally.

    Anyway, just sharing my story and cheering you on. I admire how quickly you're trying to lose weight again after gaining, it always beat me down so much it took me much longer to restart. Now i won't have to because what I am doing is something I'll be doing for the rest of my life and it feels great!

    My oppologies for this overtly wordy response. Just thought I'd share my story.

    You're doing good don't doubt.

  2. Dear Commentor,

    Thank you very much for your toughtful response. It gave me much to think about.

    One thing for sure - I won't give up. I will get there but not sure how yet. I have an idea but suspect it won't work out that way.

    I know I'm not wired for slow wieght loss. (slow anything for that matter). I'm working on it.

    Good Luck to you