Day 5 Review

Not a bad day. I woke up and my knee was swollen. Decided to go to the gym but only did 45 min - half of my daily goal. My wife and I made a huge salad for lunch. 9 kinds of veggies with home made wasabi vinegar dressing. I added ground gobo root to my dressing.

I went to a sayounara party tonight. It was hard. I paid about 50usd for all you can drink and eat for two hours. I got some grief for not drinking from my Sensei. There were 12 of us and 32 plates of food were brought over the 2 hours. I stuck with the sashimi, beef and vegetable dishes and passed on the deep fried food, rice and noodles. I did have the mystery dessert and it was really good. I hope I over estimated the calories I consumed at dinner.

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