Day 47 Random Thoughts

At the beach today I met a girl from California visiting her brother who is stationed here. She was pretty cool. I suspect her and her brother don't see eye to eye on everything. To say she was critical of American Foreign Policy in Iraq would be simply polite. She really went on a rant about Weapons of Mass Destruction, the hundreds of thousands of dead civilians and the hundred of thousands of displaced.

I came home cooked dinner for my family, cleaned up, bathed our son and was thinking how lucky we are. I turned on the computer and started to read some of the other diet blogs while updating my own.

It hit me. In the big picture, the Diet Blog Sphere is surreal in light of what is happening in the rest of the world. The expensive gym memberships and personal trainers. People whining about how hard it is to put down that pop tart. Screams of fat discrimination. We should all be fat positive! Of course the government should do more to fight obesity. It must be the government's fault. No, we read, it is the evil corporations that trick us.

Obesity. Gluttony. Over Consumption. Excuses. It is Madness.

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