Day 49 Review

It was a good day for calories and exercise. A bad day at work and blogging. The work thing will sort itself out. I am new to blogging and it seems I have a special ability to offend people. It is not my intention. I certainly don't blog to hurt people. I turned off my comments as I did not feel I had the time nor knowledge to properly respond to those I have offended. I'm not hiding. My email is posted at the bottom of the right column. People tend to be more sincere when writing emails than leaving comments. Feel free to drop me a message anytime.

I find the negative comments have a subtle influence on my life. It takes me hours of reflection and thought sometimes to handle one comment to my satisfaction. Of course, I don't have the time to spare. Please remember this is MY three month diet. I am on a diet that reflects my personality, beliefs, opinions and research. Yes, my goal is aggressive.

I am also working on a crazy theory that Western Political Correctness has contributed to the rise of obesity in western societies. This is just a hunch I developed after living the last 10 years in Asia. I find Western societies more tolerant of fat people than Asian societies (excluding Mongolia). I believe the west is more tolerant of fat people than it was 50 years ago. It is only my observation.

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