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I received an email critical of my post about the American woman I met studying about health issues related to the use of Depleted Uranium by the US Military. She seemed sincere. Her father suffered from Gulf War Syndrome. This got her into this line of work.

I offended this man and I apologize. He is of course correct. I should not have reiterated another person's opinion on such a serious topic. On refection I must admit she did not actually say what the health issues might be. There could be no health related issues for all I know. Thank God we live in a free society that allows this type research.

Of course, I still stand by my feeling. I have seen poverty in the world. I've seen people oppressed. In light of this, the western diet blog sphere seem surreal. We in the west, have much to be thankful for. Being fat and relatively rich is a problem many people in the world would love to have.

I made changes to the original post. I do not want to be part of any debate. I apologize again to those I offended. I hope I satisfied the author of the critical email. I thank him for taking the time to email me. No one is above criticism.

You can read the edited post here

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