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I am almost finished day 40 of my diet. Day forty!. My Catholic upbringing kicked in when I though about this significant biblical number. The Temptation of Christ refers to the 40 days Jesus fasted in the desert. The Diabolic tried to tempt Jesus but failed.
If you are on a diet it does not matter if you are Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Buddhist or what have you - there is so much temptation. You don't have to believe in the Devil to realize there is temptation. No one can succeed on their diet until they learn to master temptation.
People throw around words like will power and discipline. The scope of these words is pretty wide. Maybe it is better we just focus on what we find tempting and figure out how to say No.
Though I think the key really is - having faith. We must have faith in our reasons for dieting and in the diet itself. If we don't, we will never successfully fight temptation.

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