12 Week Review

I finished my 12th week and have one more week until I finish my 3 month Okinawa diet. I've lost 37kg(81lbs) for an average of 3.1kg(6.75lbs) a week. Today I weigh 90kg and have 7 more weigh-ins to reach my final goal of 85kg. It will be close.

I am trying to model my diet after the Okinawan seniors who tend to have the longest life span of any people in the world. I set 8 additional goals. The first 3 goals I set after reading about successful dieters who personalities I could identify with.

The last 5 goals are a bit peculiar. I met an old Okinawan/Taiwanese holistic healer/Naturopath (not sure what he would be called) in a little restaurant. I told him how I was struggling on my diet and he gave me some advice. He was a sincere man but I ignored him. Later, I decided to incorporate his advice into my faltering diet.

Goal 1 -Weight myself everyday.
Without fail I have done this. I understand why the "experts" are against this but for me, at this stage in my diet, it has been essential.

Goal 2 - Consume less than 1600 calories a day.
My daily average is almost bang on 1500 calories a day. Fighting the urge to eat in the evening made me cranky at first but now I have no problems. At the next stage in my diet I will no longer count calories but am very thankful I took the time to educate myself.

Goal 3 - Exercises 1.5 hours a day.
The last 3 weeks I averaged 2:15 exercise a day. Overall, I average about 2 hours day. Over a week; about 6-8 hours low intensity exercise, like walking. 4-5 hours med/high intensity and 2 hours weight training. Usually, I excercies early in the morning and after dinner.

Goal 4 - Drink 12 cups of Sanpin Tea everyday.
I drink at minimum 1 litre a day.

Goal 5 - Eat 1.5 cups of Konnyaku a day.
I never succeeded. I average 4-5 cups a week. I do love the stuff and put it in my soups and stirfrys. I make a shiritaki salad with diced vegetables, konbu and olive oil.

Goal 6 - Eat half a goya (bitter melon) a day.
I never succeeded. I eat one goya a week. But I did start drinking 1 litre of goya tea a day. It is bitter and took a bit getting use to but I really like it.

Goal 7 - Eat 10 cm of Gobo Root (burdock) every day.
I surpassed this goal. I put burdock in my soups, stirfrys and eat it boiled, just like a carrot.

Goal 8 - Eat Konbu (seaweed) 3 times a week.
I also surpassed this goal. I put a bit in my soup and stirfys. I also keep some soaked and add it to my mixed salad. I never eat it more than once a day.

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