Day 84 Review

It was a great day. Tomorrow morning is my 12 week weigh-in. I tried my hardest today and will be satisfied with whatever number shows up on the scale. Not wishing to sound sappy by repeating myself but I must say, my diet would be much more difficult without my wife's understanding.

I sometimes add garlic chives to my soups, salads and stir frys. The Japanese name is Nira. You can check out the wikipedia entry here. If you like a softer garlic taste and see them in the market, give them a try.

Growing up I never ate Spam. I came to Okinawa and found it served as part of the main dish in many restaurants. My wife would buy a can or two a week and now, I eat it regularly. I really like it. I once sat beside a Hormel Rep on the plane and he told me Okinawans buy more Spam per capita than any other state, prefecture or province in the world.

The thing is, the portions most people eat are very small, around, 2oz. My wife was not impressed when I put half a can in my morning omelet and put the other half in my sandwich for the beach. This of course was about 1 year PD (Pre-Diet).

Good Night

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