Day 79 Review

It was a really good day. I'm just heading to bed and am a bit hungry. Though nothing like what I fought through at the beginning of my diet.

For myself and most western people (perhaps all people from developed countries) I suspect "hunger" is a matter of perception. People who have experienced true hunger; the survivors of war, concentration camps, famine, drought etc, would justly laugh at how I perceive "hunger".

I usually snacked before bed or around 10pm. Was I hungry or was it a habit? Redefining what hunger means to me has been a challenge. At first, I was super cranky. Now, I am just, sometimes hungry but I'm not. I can't explain it.

I hear something interesting on the radio and my hunger disappears. Where did it go?

I'm hungry. I fall asleep. I wake up and I'm not hungry. Where did it go?

Thinking about people starving in undeveloped countries while wired into the Blog-Fat-o-Sphere is surreal.

Good Night and Peace.

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