Shintoshin Park

Shintoshin, translated into English is, New City. Okinawa was officially colonized during the Meji Restoration. After the WWII she was occupied by the Americans until 1972 when returned to Japan. Still, about 20% of the land is occupied by the United States Military.

Shinotshin Park is located on a former US Base, returned, I heard, about 20 years ago. The land was left in good condition with some beautiful trees. The Park is fairly level and about 850 metres around the outside. It is my favorite place to walk in the evening.

The guy sitting under the Gajimaru tree is enjoying a Beer. Okinawans are very tolerant about drinking in public places. I believe it is legal. I saw some tourist drinking beer on the monorail a few days ago - seemed so civilized.

Above is a guy wearing a traditional farmer's hat. It is not a common sight in the city. Below is the chin-up bar which I challenge every time I go to the park. My record is 3 chin-ups, almost consecutively.

There is a Starbucks and an Entertainment District about 5 minutes from the south end of the park. Both, are great places to unwind after a nice walk.

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