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For about 1 month I have been following John is Fit Blog. You can read his "About" page here. This page is dated August 1st 2007. In the right column is a chart chronicling John's present progress. The chart clearly shows John is struggling. The reason I like "John is Fit" is John is an honest person. He is keeping it real and is not giving up.

Though I have great things to say about John I have to be upfront about my motivation for writing this post. John has a contest running that I hope lots of people enter. Whether I win the 250 dollars or you win the 250 dollars is not important. It is good to help an old hand who has been grinding it out for close to two years now. You can find the contest details here.

I am a bit older than John and by the looks of things, he has more hair (on his head). We are both on a diet with the same goal - lose weight. However our journeys are not the same nor should they be. But the goal posts are in the same place. We will both succeed.

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