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In the gym today there were three sweet senior ladies wearing "Yes We Can" T-Shirts. I really have a tonne of respect for President Obama.

What does President Obama have to do with dieting? Quite a bit in my opinion.

Here is a guy who admits to using Cocaine and smoking Pot. Here is a guy who admits to drinking in High School. Here is an honest man.

President Obama used to be heavy smoker. Wisely he gave it up when he ran for President. Yet, I remember reading on Reuters that he admitted to "falling off the wagon" a few times and having a smoke or two. Here is an honest man. A real human being.

It is obvious, he is fit. I remember seeing him on the Japanese news coming out of a Gym in Hawaii. The same news clipping claimed he told some press staff they could put a few beers on his tab at the Golf course. What a Gent. He is also a great family man.

I believe if you want to lose weight you have to be honest with yourself and those around you. If the President of United States can be honest and keep it real, it should not be too hard for us.

Good Night and Peace

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