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I was in the area and decided to stop into my favorite Irish Bar just as it opened. The first time I've been in a Pub in over 2 months. I ordered an expensive fancy water and watched the staff get ready for another Friday night. I left just as the third customer entered.

I enjoyed the compliments from the girls as to my new shape. I started to chat with the only other customer in the Pub and learned that he also lost weight recently. He was having terrible heart burn and was convinced the culprit was Beer. So he switched to Awamori Sake. He claims this is the only thing he changed in his diet and lost 20kg(44lbs) in three months. Losing half a pound a day for 90 days is impressive. The guy was still pretty "big" and assuming he used to drink a lot of beer, there was no reason for me not to doubt him.

I am sharing this random thought for two reasons.

The first reason is because it reinforces my belief that no two dieters are the same. Some people lose weight quickly, some people do not. Who cares how fast or slow it comes off as long as you are eating healthy, are somewhat active and always trying.

The second reason, I would like to jam it down the throats of all the haters in the diet blog sphere who continue to goose step with the "experts" and claim losing anything more than 1-2lbs a week is unhealthy. What rubbish.

Sure it might be unhealthy for some. It might not be for others. You goose steppers keep perpetuating the myth that all diets have to follow some formula and all people are the same. What rubbish.

You goose steppers love low expectations and probably hate success. Your days are filled with comparing yourself to others. Being bashed by you was my biggest surprise on my journey, as a first time blogger.

I am not a doctor. I am not a nutritionist.

Sorry for closing my comments. It might look like I am a coward but I have trouble dealing with the negativity and dieting at the same time. Time for my family and dieting has to come first.

Good Night and Peace

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