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My livelihood is dependent on business & economic cycles. Specifically, the currency changes between the Yen and US, Cnd. and Aus. Dollars. I think about cycles everyday. There is no "understanding" them - just being aware, developing a feel and learning to guess.

The farmer and rancher are intuitively aware of season changes and weather patterns. Depending on the size of the outfit, commodity prices in Chicago, Winnipeg, Kansas and maybe Osaka and Zhengzhou are checked daily.

Since moving close to the ocean I have become familiar with tide and current cycles. Something the fisherman knows intuitively. I have even studied the phases of the moon as they have an influence on the traditional festivals here in Okinawa. Earlier sea travel and commerce were all dependent on obvious cycles to the people living during those times. Today, I think most people are ignorant of the cycles around them.

My goal is to lose weight. Checking and recording my weight every morning seems natural. I have noticed a number of cycles and cycles inside cycles. While calories intake and exercise remain constant I notice my weight will stay the same for 2-6 days and then drop quickly over 1-3 days. Exercising more and/or eating less does not really effect this cycle.

That said, I need to lose 5 kg to reach my goal. Based on my reading of my weight loss cycles I should finish my diet at 87kg. I will of course work hard to hit 85kg. Though, hitting 85kg is not important as long as I know I tried my best, up to the last minute.

Have a nice day.


I really don't think the experts really know exactly what is going on when you try to lose weight. Each person seems to have different experiences. What works for some, doesn't for others. Some people lose weight quickly, some slowly. None of it matters as long as one tries. Though, considered a wayward Catholic, I still have respect for the "Mysteries". There seems to be a lot of mystery in the weight loss game. We just need to believe we are doing the right thing and simply try.

Again, have a nice day.

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