Reflections on my Wrong Turn

Still can't figure out how I could have made such a blunder. It is almost like I slowly drifted off, fell asleep and woke up one morning, something in my head clicked. Oh Shit! What have I done?

I know how I gained weight. I ate too much, too much of the wrong type of food. That is easy to understand. It is difficulty to understand how I could lose focus.

I left Okinawa, went on the road and left my discipline behind. Came back and it took about 1.5 weeks to snap out of my haze. Madness.


  1. Okinawaaa!! My brother and I used to holler that out of the car window when we saw our friends... it seemed funny at the time. I lived in Oki for seven years when I was a kid and moved back to the states at 15. Those were pretty awesome years, still miss the island :)

    Well, I just stumbled on your blog, so howdy and hello!! I hope you're having a great day :)

  2. Isn't that the million dollar question? You are so right - all to often we know what we did wrong, Lord knows I do; however, we still do it. How can we lose focus like that. As I am sure you have read on my blog, I have been the size I am now once before, but I lost focus and gained 2/3 or more of the weight back. All I can say is NEVER, NEVER AGAIN. Sometimes it takes getting knocked down to know how hard the enemy punches.

  3. My opinion? You go a little crazy when you go off plan. The food you're not used to eating does something to your head. Seriously!

    At least that's how I feel when I go off plan and eat foods I don't really need to eat. It fogs my mind and my good decision making flies out the window. That's what happened to me this summer. I finally clawed my way out of it and am back, but it took gaining 14# before I turned myself around. Aaaahhhhh!!!

  4. Coley, I am glad you like Okinawa. It is a wonderful place.

    Steve, I did not know made a similar wrong turn. Thank you for sharing that with me.

    TJ - You might be on to something. Some foods might just trigger a 'eat all' nerve. I believe simple carbs do this to me.

    That said, I force myself not to think about it. IT is too complicated. I have a habit of complicating my life and try hard to avoid it.

    In my life, this is where excuses are born.

    Thanks for commenting