Reflections on my Wrong Turn

I force myself to think about my wrong turn - gaining 26kgs in two months. Focusing on failure is not easy, but in my experience it is the only way to figure out how to avoid making the same mistake(s) a second or third time.

I am wondering if I made just one big mistake or a bunch of little mistakes that accumulated into a massive mistake.

If possible I would like to find the biggest mistake or the first mistake. That way I can avoid the avalanche of little mistakes.


  1. My guess is a bunch of little mistakes that began with "I can do this for a short time and it will be okay."

    Just my guess.

  2. Steve, you might be correct. It kind of snuck up on me. I remember the first gong show. I went to a corporate type affair hosted in a bar. All you can eat and drink.

    I did okay, kept it together. ate and drank too much but not way too much, then the weeks drifted by...