Reflections on my Wrong Turn

I know how I gained 24kg in 2 months. I ate too much. It is weird though. I worked so hard to lose 60 kg then I was able to simply "forget" all my effort. How does one forget?

I also "forget" to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. I'm terrible for that. I never forget to tell my son I love him but sometimes forget to tell my wife. I never forget to pay my mortgage but do forget to wash and service our vehicles but never my motorcycle.

Later today I am going to search the words "forget" and "focus" on the net. In my world, I suspect they are connected. To Forget - is like losing focus?


  1. Found you through Jack Spit. It's hard to deal with the fact that our habits of eating and lack of exercise have to go out the window. I remember eating exactly what I wanted whenever I wanted it however much of it I wanted. And I hated myself. I make choices everyday. I am in control of every single bite that goes into my mouth. Making a new way of life for ourselves does take work. There is a fabulous weight loss community out here in cyber space and we love to encourage each other. There are so many good blogs out there written by incredible people. And kudos to you for posting pics of your naked self. I always wonder who takes those? Have a great day!

  2. From what I remember reading of your blog from months back, you were quite extreme, strict, and ultra-focused. It seems to me that the weight can come off quickly, but will pile back on the first time you blink. For me, a middle of the road approach works best, weight loss is slow, but it's sustainable long term, and happens without me being disciplined or even deprived.

  3. Zaababy, my wife took those pics. Beleive it or not some have said, You are sexy for a big man.
    Have a nice day

  4. Julie, you are correct I was very stict. If being strict is extreme then I agree - I was strict. But I was living just as the islanders do around me.

    Im a western guy living in okinawa. I left okinawa and could not adjust to western eating style. There are no small portions. lots of happy hours and friends who drink to excess. No excuses though

    Thanks for your comment