Day 18 Round 3 Weight - 107kg (235lbs)

I can't provide a picture today as I am having problems with my camera's memory card. Somehow I erased the disk and it is asking me to re-format. The instructions are in Japanese and I cannot follow along.

When it comes to second languages I am a very slow learner. No second language is impossible to learn but every person comes wired with a learning curve. My learning curve is very flat.
I studied French is school and had the same problem.

I can identify with the some of the first generation immigrants living in every city in North America. We speak funny. Our listening is better than our verbal skills. When we read a second language we tend to translate everything back to our native language. In my case I am officially at a grade 3 reading level. Yet, I suspect I can understand banking and custom forms better than any three year old.

It just dawned on me. My struggle with dieting and learning Japanese are similar. Both require intense focus, discipline, and a never-give-up attitude. Both struggles are extremely frustrating and rewarding.

Have a nice day.


  1. Yeah, learning a different language is tough. Most of them have a different word for everything...

  2. Great comparison on learning Japanese and dieting. I too struggle with foreign languages. I have always wanted to master one, but alas I have not. I only know enough Spanish to get frustrated.

  3. Mr. Jack, you have a very keen sense of observation...

    Steve, maybe once you reach your weight loss goals and get into a positve rythm you can tackle Spanish. You will have the tools to succeed.

    Have a nice day